Mesh SSA - 1363-145 / SSA - 1363-160

The Valmiera glass mesh is stable at extreme temperatures and high fluctuations in humidity. It has high mechanical and chemical strength. The mesh is resistant to acicular attacks even in damp and high alkaline environments. It is important to choose a good quality network that meets the relevant ETAG standards.

Mesh GG - 150

    The advantages of using a high quality mesh in thermal insulation systems are:
  • low heating costs;
  • it does not overheat and does not need air conditioning during the summer;
  • the walls of the buildings are protected from mold and moisture;
  • the life of the building is extended.
  • Mesh SSA - 0606-145

    Mesh SSA - 1010-145

      Fiberglass meshes are produced from E-type fiberglass fibers (up to 600 ° C) which are free of alkali. The fiber surfaces are covered with an impregnator that stabilizes and provides excellent alkali resistance. This impregnation is necessary for the construction industry.


    • for external thermal insulation systems;
    • for repair of walls, floors and ceilings.
    • Dimensions can be:
    • roll length 50 or 100 m;
    • roll width 100 or 110 cm;
    • with logo and size at customer's request.
зелена мрежа
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